Vantage Point

Grade: B+

If you’ve seen this, what do you think of the “Rashomon”-type of filmmaking?

Useless but commanding Sigourney Weaver, furious but determined Dennis Quaid, lone but noble wolf Forest Whitaker et cetera. Works for me. I suppose what gives people a kick for Rashomon type (I prefer Yojimbo, by the way) non-linear filmmaking is that it gives a chance for delayed exposition, cliffhangers (as is the case in Vantage Point) and a thorough exploration of each of the characters’ humanity.

To compensate for any repetitiveness, each POV ends with a cliffhanger and a new revelation and that rhythm of storytelling almost never fails. Also some really, really good action scenes. No need to rave about the decent or great performance of the ensemble.

For those of you who find this too dumbed down, I’d rather watch films like these than over analyze Lynch films and yes – pardon me for saying this, scrutinizing the very profundity of 2001: A Space Odyssey. I am dumb. Joe Average.

But I like stories that are fun, engaging, and Vantage Point does bring closure to all the drama involved. Espera para me!

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