USC Cinema holds Presscon, 4/26

The University of San Carlos College of Architecture and Fine Arts (USC CAFA) is hosting a press conference on its upcoming MASTER OF ARTS IN CINEMA STUDIES PROGRAM this April 26, Thursday at 2 PM at the USC-CAFA Theater, USC Talamban campus.

The Master of Arts in Cinema Studies will be offered this June 2012, this coming semester.

The press conference will also feature the appointment Of Professor Paul Douglas Grant From New York University as the Graduates Program Professor, and the addition of new cinema faculty members & Masters Program scholarship recepients screenwriter Diem Judilla, director and production desigger Remton Zuasola

Films are cultural objects, manifestations and stimuli of specific cultures. With its visual elements, Cinema today is a universal power of communication and a principal art form; a cause of mass entertainment and an influential method for education and instruction.

The Master’s in Cinema Studies program is a conscious effort of the college to preserve and promote Cebuano culture, history and identity through the medium of cinema and its scholarly studies.

Cinema studies are an academic discipline that focuses with theoretical, historical, and critical approaches to films.

The students of the program will analyze the narrative, artistic, cultural, historical economic, and socio-political implications and influences of the cinema. To search for these social-ideological values, cinema studies use an analytical approach to cinema’s theoretical framework, history, models of production, context, and creation.

The University of San Carlos, through its College of Fine Arts and Architecture, takes the initiative in formalizing the revitalization of Cebu’s cinema through scholarly studies and professional training.

For more information regarding this press conference or the Bachelor of Fine Arts Cinema and Masters of Fine Arts Cinema Studies program, please contact the Department of Fine Arts Tel No. 344-3801 (local 702) or Mr. Misha Anissimov, Cinema Coordinator through email

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