The Boor and the Proposal this 11/26 and 11/27

Little Boy Productions proudly present the repeat of the beloved comedy play classics “The Boor” and “The Proposal” both by Anton Chekov this November 26 and November 27 at the CAP Theater, Cebu City.

For schedule of times and ticket prices, please direct your inquiries to Little Boy Productions through Telephone numbers (032) 254-9320, (032) 415-8058 or

Synopsis. Since her husband’s passing seven months ago, the widow Elena Ivavnova Popova has locked herself in her home in deep mourning. Her loyal footman, Luka, concerned of Elena’s miserable condition, pleads with her to go outside.

Their conversation gets interrupted by the sudden arrival of Grigory Stepanovitch Smirnov who boorishly ignores the widow’s supposed mourning and demands from Elena her late husband’s debt of 1,200 rubles.


Synopsis. Hypochondriac Ivan Vassiliyitch Lomov has come to propose to Natalia Chubukov, a childhood friend and long-time neighbor. After he has asked respectfully and received joyful permission from her father Stepan Chubukov to marry Natalia, the girl is called and Ivan tries to propose.

While getting to the purpose of his visit to Natalia, he gets into an argument with her about The Oxen Meadows, a piece of land between their respective properties disputed by their families for many years.

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