CinemaRehiyon 2012: Bacollywood

The 2012 Bacollywood: Cinemarehiyon 4 will be held in Bacolod City this coming February 8 to 11, 2012.The NCCA sponsored Cinemarehiyon 2012 is now accepting short and feature length Visayan films for selection to be curated by Gabby Fernandez and Maria Victoria “Bambi” Beltran.

For Cebuano films, please submit your films now and be part of the growing pool of talented Visayan Film makers.

Please direct your inquiries regarding the CinemaRehiyon and submission to Miss Bambi via “”.

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SineBuano recommends “My Kuya’s Wedding”

  • Director: Topel Lee
  • Writers: Roselle Monteverde-Teo, Allan Tijamo
  • Cinematography : Luis Quirino
  • Original Music : Von de Guzman
  • Film Editing : Marya Ignacio
  • Production Design : Mark Sabas
  • Produced by: Elaine Lozano, Flordeliza Hombre Milan, Lily Y. Monteverde, Roselle Monteverde-Teo
  • Cast: Ryan Agoncillo, Maja Salvador, Pauleen Luna, Jason Abalos, Say Alonzo

MY KUYA’S WEDDING (My Big Brother’s Wedding)

Siblings Jeff(Ryan Agoncillo) and Kat(Maja Salvador) grew up very close, each meaning the world to the other. When Jeff returns from a 4 year-absence abroad, Kat’s hopes for a reunited family gets threatened when Jeff brings home his beautiful soon-to-be-bride Heidi (Pauleen Luna).

Kat hatches out a selfish scheme to halt a wedding and keep her brother to herself but finds herself failing and at the same time falling for the charming Aris whose the brother of Heidi, Kat’s sworn Bridezilla foe.

Reasons why one should get MY KUYA’S WEDDING

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