Pinoy Indie: Miserable Cinema?

I recently come across this interesting however lengthy article by a J. Neil C. Garcia and his observations on the local Philippine independent cinema, comparisons with this present cinema ‘s filmmakers to their predecessors and details on this recurring movement of “miserablism” that is so the focus and vehicle of many independent Filipino filmmakers of today.

I invite you to read Mr. Garcia’s article here and share your views about his critical analysis. Has he got Pinoy Independent Cinema right on the gut?

Pinoy Indie Scene: Sexploits and Senior Superstars

Disclaimer:The following is the personal opinion of Diem, screenwriter and director-member of SineBuano and in so does not reflect or in no way epitomize the individual opinions of other SineBuano members or the entire group.

Not everything that Sizzles (or Steamy or Sexy) is “BOLD”

Two new Filipino independent films are out and “now showing” on the circuit this September.

One is a film helmed by the legendary Eddie Romero, “Teach me to Love”. This is is the icon’s second digital film which tells of a high school student’s SEXUAL awakening with his Physics teacher.

The other film is “Room 213” is about a marriage on the rocks where the husband and wife will test their limits both physically and SEXUALLY (as if sexual isn’t physical), a drama but with a palpable EROTIC core, according to its director Keith Sicat.

Two new independent Pinoy films on a high school student’s first time and the intimacy issues between a married couple. “Sexually charged film Room 213”, “The steamy love scenes in Teach Me to Love “, well if these are advertised that way, these films don’t seem new at all.
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