More Roll, Less Rattle and No Shake please

Regal Films’ Shake, Rattle, and Roll is an iconic franchise of contemporary Philippine cinema. Generations of Filipinos grew up familiar with the horror film anthology. I could still recall favorite segments in the past, particularly the first SSR 1984’s Fridyider and Manananggal but this was under Athena Productions then.

I never looked forward to watching these films during Christmas where the film is a regular participant in the Metro Manila Film Festival. So why did I watched this year’s installment? Because of friend and filmmaker Jerrold Tarog‘s directorial effort in one of the film’s segments.

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Don’t Look Behind You


A Casual Retrospect on Philippine Horror Films

Last Saturday I viewed Star Cinema’s Villa Estrella, helmed by the promising Rico Ilarde. For me, the film had its startling moments yet had ample room for improvement. All in all, it was a regular Pinoy horror film and that was bothersome~ it was just too regular.

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