Mr. Bean’s Holiday

I thought some of the gags were very episodic at first; and the ridiculously contrived turning point for the father losing his child. But you couldn’t go wrong if you have a movie with Willem Dafoe as an annoyingly pretentious filmmaker whose work is foiled by Mr.Bean in the end; a scene that brings payoff and full circle to the very episodic gags throughout. I think Emma de Caunes is very attractive as Bean’s leading lady… and I really, really like the way this parodicizes or makes a satire the elitist “arthouse” filmmakers in cinema and also the cliche of the struggling actress who isn’t even spared adequate moments of screen time! But as it happens, Bean foils all of that and Dafoe even has his own ridiculous character arc as a filmmaker as a result.


I recommend this to all filmmakers who like to think they’re “artistic”.