Take a Trip…

Making a film is like taking a long trip. The film voyager can load up with a full tank and bring a credit card along to insure completion of the voyage in as short a time as posible.

The voyager can also load up with a few cups of gasoline and drive until he runs out and scrounge around for subsequent cups of gas to get to his destination, without worrying about how long it takes to complete the voyage.

Completing the artwork is the voyage all artists set out to do, whether painter, writer or filmaker.


“Cups-of-Gas Filmmaking vs. Full-Tank-cum-Credit Card Fillmaking,”

Discourse, XI:2 September 1989

Tahimik, also known as Eric de Guia, is a Filipino movie director, writer, actor and artist whose films are associated through their critiques of neocolonialism with the Third Cinema movement. He currently resides in Baguio City, Philippines.