Production Design Workshop@UVNS


Learn the craft of production design for motion pictures from award-winning production designer Kaloy Uypuanco and his professional team, which includes renowned filmmaker Remton Zuasola.

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On finding and securing locations for Filmmaking in Cebu

Know how to choose and secure a location for an independent film, as the location plays a big role in the entirety of the film.

Independent film productions, particularly that in Cebu Philippines,  are usually those that have low or no budget.

Because of this, it is important to know how to find and secure reasonable locations that can fit both the film and the budget. And most importantly, maintain positive relations with the owners and/or managers of locations in Cebu.

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SineBuano Basics: Start with Short Movies

Did you know that in the early years of cinema (black and white, non-talkies), all there was to watch were short films? Full-length movies (90~120 minutes) were non-existent before the 1920’s.

Ten minute cartoons and short comedies were the major products of all major film production companies in the silent and very early sound era.

So if you want to learn how to make a movie or produce a video, making a short one is a decent place to start. Before starting on your full-length movie making mission, try first making a GOOD short film. And here are the reasons why.

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AMIGO in Cebu, 2/10 to 2/11

John Sayles’ historical independent film “AMIGO” was screened in Cebu last February 10 and 11.

SineBuano thanks member Daniel Egos for pitching in with our Amigo filmmaker-friends through the screenings and related events, for his write-up about the experience to follow and to Mary Lizbeth for the photos.

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