On finding and securing locations for Filmmaking in Cebu

Know how to choose and secure a location for an independent film, as the location plays a big role in the entirety of the film.

Independent film productions, particularly that in Cebu Philippines,  are usually those that have low or no budget.

Because of this, it is important to know how to find and secure reasonable locations that can fit both the film and the budget. And most importantly, maintain positive relations with the owners and/or managers of locations in Cebu.

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Actors and Auditions 101

There is a dynamic filmmaking scene in Cebu, Philippines– a good sign for the recovery of the region’s once glorious movie industry. This 2011, there are three low-budget filmmaking full-length productions currently in the works side-by-side in the Queen City of the South.

This, as well as a rising theater scene, leads to auditions left and right. Cebu’s well-known in the Philippines for the world-class caliber of its artists and performers and actors. And there are many more who aspire to take part in the cast of a local movie, TV or stage production.

But how should aspiring applicants behave in auditions? SineBuano, Cebu’s Independent Filmmaking Scene, has some humble helpful recommendations to those Actor-applicants to improve your chances, make your experience in auditions less stressful and more promising, more productive.

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