More Roll, Less Rattle and No Shake please

Regal Films’ Shake, Rattle, and Roll is an iconic franchise of contemporary Philippine cinema. Generations of Filipinos grew up familiar with the horror film anthology. I could still recall favorite segments in the past, particularly the first SSR 1984’s Fridyider and Manananggal but this was under Athena Productions then.

I never looked forward to watching these films during Christmas where the film is a regular participant in the Metro Manila Film Festival. So why did I watched this year’s installment? Because of friend and filmmaker Jerrold Tarog‘s directorial effort in one of the film’s segments.

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SineBuano recommends: DOUBT (2008)

Solid performances from all 3 main characters. Amy Adams has a knack for playing vulnerable characters;but only this time much wiser and less gullible. Meryl Streep attacks her role with so much intensity; at least so much more than Philip Seymour Hoffman needed to invest. As Hoffman combined, sincerity and decisiveness in his stand against Streep and her ways.

Also, for something based on a play; that would inevitably have very talky scenes; the proper and appropriate styling and use of the Dutch angle is put into practice.


SineBuano recommends “Mano Po 5”

  • Cast Angel Locsin, Richard Gutierrez, Christian Bautista, Lorna Tolentino Gina Alajar, Tirso Cruz III, Irma Adlawan, Boots Anson-Roa, A.J. Dee, Ketchup Eusebio, Ella Guevarra, Jacklyn Jose, Tony Mabesa, Michelle Madrigal, Joyce So

  • Directed by Joel C. Lamangan
  • Written by Dode Cruz, Abi Lam-Parayno, and Andrew E. Paredes
  • Produced by Lily Y. Monteverde &Roselle Monteverde-Teo for Regal Films.
  • Original Music by Von de Guzman
  • Cinematography by Charlie Peralta (director of photography)
  • Film Editing by Marya Ignacio
  • Production Design by Edgar Martin Littaua

3 Reasons why SineBuano says You should watch Mano Po 5: Gua Ai Di (I Love You).

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The Chronicles of Narnia – Prince Caspian

When is a movie a good movie? And when is it a bad movie? There are many occasions when I watch something and…. I just don’t know.

What was this film about? A society fighting for what is theirs or the folly of incredulity and unbelief? Probably both. I vaguely remember the first film. I know some of the characters; the little girl, the archer elder sister, King Peter and their rebellious brother who was seduced by the Ice Queen. And of course the heroics of Aslan with the Messianic implications or allusions… but not having read the Lewis books, I probably couldn’t relate to everything.

I did enjoy the moral lessons that allude to belief, and fortitude. Aslan says, “But why did that stop you from coming to me?” To which, young Lucy apologizes. But I’m not sure I buy the idea of these teenagers fighting grown-up and supposedly more experienced infantry men. But if the rest of the audience can appreciate a mouse taking down foot warriors with finesse, I guess its not that hard for me either.

But, still as of now, I’m not sure I get Prince Caspian. Maybe I’ll revisit this in the future.


Kanos-a ang mga higayon nga maka dayeg ka sa salida nga imong gitan aw? Kanos-a ta dapat musaway og salida?