Production Design Workshop@UVNS


Learn the craft of production design for motion pictures from award-winning production designer Kaloy Uypuanco and his professional team, which includes renowned filmmaker Remton Zuasola.

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SineBuano Basics: Start with Short Movies

Did you know that in the early years of cinema (black and white, non-talkies), all there was to watch were short films? Full-length movies (90~120 minutes) were non-existent before the 1920’s.

Ten minute cartoons and short comedies were the major products of all major film production companies in the silent and very early sound era.

So if you want to learn how to make a movie or produce a video, making a short one is a decent place to start. Before starting on your full-length movie making mission, try first making a GOOD short film. And here are the reasons why.

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Hinatagay, Christmas Charity-Concert this December 26

Local bands from Lapu-Lapu City donate their talent and time for “Hinatagay” a post-Christmas concert-for-a-cause

This musical and charity event is going to be held this December 26, from 6 pm – 2 am, at the park under the Marcelo B. Fernan bridge.

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Two Questions

Q: What makes some directors consistently stand out; what makes someone a great director?

A: Miles Davis answered these questions with an excellent analogy to music.

“The difference between a fair musician and a good musician is that a good musician can play anything s/he thinks.

The difference between a good musician and a great musician is what s/he thinks.”?


Taken from Gregory Goodell’s “INDEPENDENT FEATURE FILM PRODUCTION” © 1982.

Gregory Goodell is an award-winning writer-producer-director whose credits include independent features, documentaries, television movies, and mini-series.

He has lectured and taught at the American Film Institute and other organizations.

SineBuano Christmas Frolics, 12/18

“The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree:

the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.”

— William E. Vaughan, American author and columnist.

The SineBuano family celebrated the spirit of Christmas last Saturday re-bonding with good friends in hope for great times in the coming year of 2011.

The simple celebration was two-fold: a visit to the Tioseco_Bohinc Film Archive in Lapu-lapu, Mactan and a dinner party at the new heart of Art, Kukuk’s North, Talamban.

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