Kadaugan Street Party 2011


Part of the celebration of “Kadaugan sa Mactan” (Victory of Mactan), the “Kadaugan Street Party” will be  held along M.L. Quezon Avenue Highway, barangay Pajo, Mactan this April 30.

The Kadaugan Street Party features the  Rampada street dancing contest, which will center on Queen Bulakna and her legendary leadership in a merry-making celebration after the victory of her husband Lapu-Lapu against Ferdinand Magellan.

Patterned after the carnivals in Rio de Janiero and other places in the world, the Rampada is also given both historic and environmental spins, such as the costumes must be made with indigenous and recycled materials.

The city government has allocated P130,000 for prizes.

The guidelines are, as follows:

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Easter Sunday 2011 at Cebu Malls

Easter Sunday marks the end of the prayerful season of Lent through celebrations of new beginnings and rebirth. Easter can be a wonderful time for children, of all ages.

Come and enjoy Easter Sunday through events held at two of the largest malls in Cebu City, Philippines.

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SineBuano@Halad sa Dagang, 3/25

Halad sa Dagang was a visual arts exhibit held last March 25 at the Diwata Galeri of Kukuk’s Nest North, Talamban.

The exhibit featured works by Cebuano artists like Russ Ligtas, Bambi Beltran among others.

At the exhibit, poets from the Cebuano/Visayan literary group Bathalad also presented poetry inspired by the featured works.




Cebu Cosplayers Club’s “Colours of Summer, Distant Stars” this May 29!

The Cebu Cosplayers Club invites everyone to a day of fun and games this May 29, with the colorful promise of romance that only  summertime can give.

Expect grand, cosplay activities like live performance acts and contests with bigger prizes!

The “Colours of Summer, Distant Stars” is inspired by the Japanese folktale of the origin of “Tanabata”, the Japanese star festival that celebrates the astronomical union of the stars Vega and Altair.

These two stars meet in the sky at a particular time in the year, the only chance when the legendary lovers, Orihime and Hikoboshi, meet after hundreds of days from being apart from each other, the very first star-crossed lovers.

The event is to take place 10 AM to 6 PM this May 29, 2010 at the Talamban Leisure Center.

Entrance fee to the event is PhP65.00 for the general public. Learn more here