USC Film Course now Green-lighted!

It’s official, Cebu City’s University of San Carlos has approved the new Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cinema program under the College of Fine Arts and Architecture (CAFA)!

The Philippines’ second university-based film school is now greenlighted! There’s still lots of work to be before the start of the new semester this June 2011!

SineBuano would like to congratulate the hard work of the original proponents of this promising course: Misha Anissimov, Lito and Juven Tabay of the Bahala Na Film Initiative and the Tioseco-Bohinc Film Archive for pushing for this dream.

Great thanks to the support  given by the USC CAFA Dean Yumi Espina, the USC Economic Feasibility Committee, Radel Paredes, Omar Maxwell Espina in order to make this dream into a reality of Cebu cinema and Cebu’s Independent Filmmaking Scene.

Our deepest thanks to those who participated in the economic feasibility study, this wouldn’t have been made possible without your participati0n!