SineBuano @Tioseco-Bohinc Film Library

Last Thursday, May 27, I visited a veritable one-of-a-kind place in Cebu: The Tioseco-Bohinc Film Archive.

Set-up by friends in Cebu’s Independent Filmmaking Scene, the film archive serves as a library of world cinema with a private collection of over 2000 films.

The purpose of the archive is to be the venue for cinephiles and students to experience an adventure in appreciation,  serious study and pure education of world cinema.

The facility is dedicated to the memory of slain Filipino film-critic and professor Alexis Tioseco and his fiancee, filmmaker Nika Bohinc. Both were tragically murdered during a burglary at their own home last 2009.

Their support, love and hope for Filipino cinema is their legacy that inspires others to continue the movement to revitalize the movie-making industry in the Philippines by teaching people through film.

The archive can also hosts premiere of local Cebuano film productions, for preview and evaluation– the pre-screening. Last Thursday, the world premiere of Christian Linaban’s DOKTORA was the visual appetizer for the main event.

The Film Archive’s main event last Thursday was a  private, free screening of the Japanese classic– Hiroshi Teshigahara’s “Sunna no Onna” (Sand Woman, 1964). The film was based on a novel by Kobo Abe who also wrote the screenplay.

The film won the Special Jury Award of the Cannes Filmfest that year and was also nominated for Best Foreign Picture (1964) and Best Director (1965) of the Academy Awards.

The film archive is located in Camella Homes-Mactan,  open only on Thursdays and Fridays with free screenings of select films in the evenings.

For further information, please direct your inquiries to the Curators of the film archive through

The Film Archive is going to facilitate free viewings of classic films this coming Friday and Saturday, June 4 and June 5, at the Turtles Nest Book Cafe. The viewings start at 7 PM.