SineBuano Sunday, 6/7/2009

SineBuano holds its regular Sunday meeting last June 7, 2009 to hold a private members-only screening of its two latest projects, Ryan Zarra’s “DONG” and Eleanor Valeros “Shy”.


Cebu’s Independent Filmmaking Scene proudly presents.

SineBuano is made up of many members, each coming from different walks in life. Despite these differences in background, generations and life-styles, SineBuano shows solidarity in sharing their common passion for Cebuano story-telling through the craft of Cinema.


SineBuano: Many Generations, One Passion!


SineBuano makes use of common technology to produce and present their works and deliver their mission. The advances in computer and digital video technology has helped SineBuano achieve cinematic efforts, that would otherwise bring about a heavy burden in expenses, through cost-effective means.


There is nothing more satisfying than viewing the fruits of one’s work except perhaps sharing that satisfaction with others.


Last March 2009, SineBuano embarked on a collaboration of Ryan Zarra to produce his cinematic vision to “encapsulate Filipino/Cebuano living”,


From Ryan Zarra, “The thing with most Western students when they come and do a student piece about the Philippines is that they focus too much on the despair and the environment of life here. They only show one side of humanity and their own outlook on life here when inhabitants themselves are far from melancholic about their personal lives.”


More from Ryan Zarra, “…what I really find fascinating about the Philippines. Although it has its fair share of problems, the people are happy and content with where they are in life and take everything with a smile.”

Please stay tuned to to receive news and information where you can view SineBuano-Ryan Zarra’s “DONG” in select, upcoming film-screening events.


SineBuano’s SHY was born out a casual brain-storming session during a regular Sunday meeting. The challenge was quickly taken upon by Eleanor Valeros to write and direct this cinematic sketch.


Though the set was somber in appearance, the actual shoot turned out to be both pleasant and positive. Everyone was in good humor and high spirits, what every film production strive for day to day.

SineBuano’s SHY by Eleanor Valeros will be made available for viewing here in

It’s been a regular tradition for SineBuano to cast neophytes into the frying pan, just as much as lions are known to throw lion cubs into the fray.


Two new members get the quick run-down of a comedy sketch by Allan, an aspiring indie film director who’s take-charge attitude reflects that of his idol, Ridley Scott.


The new members experience their initiation SineBuano istayl. The results will be presented in a future post.

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  1. Hehehehe.. yeah, lingaw mo lang! Madam Eleanor’s great too! Up! Up! Up! Next project napud! Weeeeeh!

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