SineBuano Sunday 7/26

During the last Sunday of July 2009, SineBuano meets up once again to welcome new members and initiate them into the ways of Cebu’s Independent Filmmaking Scene!


During one of its Sunday meetings, SineBuano produced a series of comedic sketches using the  common settings in Filipino living such  the “carinderia” or canteen and the sari-sari store.

These mini-productions are used to initiate new members into how the group does filmmaking, allow members to apply their knowledge into practice as well as having fun.

SineBuano aims to make the products of these weekend productions viewable to the public through its website.

Here are some scenes last SineBuano Sunday.


A lot of our members, particularly in the crew are young women who expressed interest in working the camera, boom mike and supervising the script. SineBuano totally offers equal opportunity for such creative talents, believing what the local film scene needs is a GENUINE FEMININE TOUCH.


New to the SineBuano group but experienced in the local filmmaking scene is 18-years TV and Film veteran Ron Heri Tan who had been involved in award-winning productions such as Esperanza, Tuhog and Panaghoy sa Suba. Sir Ron is also the creative force behind the Sinulog Film competition.

Certifiably SineBuano, Sir Ron pushes for his advocacy of reviving Cebu’s Visayan film industry using modern digital video technology, coupled with prized-and-proven Cebuano humility, practicality  and ingenuity.


The mood on the improvised shoot was positive, pleasant and professional. Everyone had a fun time doing a task-intensive work.


Whenever there’s a camera, a crowd is sure to gather around! Passer-bys become stand-bys, watching what’s happening with interest.


‘Direk’ Ron observes how the actors deliver the scene during a ‘dry run’, an on-the-spot rehearsal.

Please stay tuned to this website as we’ll post the edited videos for your entertainment!

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