SineBuano Basics: Start with Short Movies

Did you know that in the early years of cinema (black and white, non-talkies), all there was to watch were short films? Full-length movies (90~120 minutes) were non-existent before the 1920’s.

Ten minute cartoons and short comedies were the major products of all major film production companies in the silent and very early sound era.

So if you want to learn how to make a movie or produce a video, making a short one is a decent place to start. Before starting on your full-length movie making mission, try first making a GOOD short film. And here are the reasons why.

• A short film is only 1/9th of a typical full-length feature – thus it can be 1/9th the costs and efforts in making one.

With its small cast, limited settings and storylines, short films are more affordable to make on no or low budget.

Short filmmaking becomes easier as equipment becomes cheaper, one can shoot decent footage with DSLRs, camcorders and some high-end mobile phones.

Free or low-cost software is widely available that is capable of video editing, post-production work and DVD authoring.

• Short films are excellent for learning the various technicals crafts of film making – editing, sound, directing the camera and actors et cetera.

A short film is a good exercise for people to work together well as a team. Through this venture, one can determine creative chemistry with cast and crew for possible full-lenth projects in the future.

• Short films are to make up a showreel of your skills, the kind of storyteller you are, of what you can do.

Short films are your ticket to film festivals where you can rub elbows with fellow movie makers and producers, network for potential hiring and collaboration.

• If you make a great short film, you can win awards or prizes from national and international film festivals or competitions.

With such wins, your career can be seriously boosted. If your short films are successful, attention and offers will come a-knocking on your door or ringing your phone.

Movie making is a craft that involves a lot of challenges and requirements, so it isn’t for the faint-hearted or the weak-willed first-timer.

Build up your movie-making muscles and mettle; along with your semi-pro relationships with other like-minded, talented people, through the production of your own stories through short films.

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