SineBuano and Creative Cebu Council: Paperkite Project

April 3, 1898– “Tres de Abril”– Cebu’s Katipuneros, or revolutionaries, launched their fight for freedom from colonial rule and oppression.

One-hundred and thirteen years later, SineBuano took part in the memorial held annually to remember those brave souls who rose to fight and died in the battle for independence and also to witness a new revolution, spearheaded by the Creative Cebu Council, for the creative sectors.

A revolution of Hearts for the Arts.

The memorial was held near the historical marker that stands at the very same spot where the Cebu revolt was first launched a century and decade ago. It is located on the corner of V. Rama street and Tres de Abril street.

The memorial began with a Holy mass, then followed by a historical narrative which accounts the individuals and events that led to the Tres de Abril revolution of 1898.

The event was attended by representatives from private creative sectors and public sectors. Cebu city officials and councilors are led by Mayor Mike Rama. Police officials sat beside their colleagues in the military. Barangay officials of San Nicolas and neighboring barangays were also present.

The Tres de Abril memorial and location was also the soft launching pad of the Creative Cebu Council’s new project: Project Paperkite.

The Kawasan Paperkite or Rice paper butterfly is a rare, endemic butterfly species only found in Cebu.  It’s been selected by the Creative Cebu council Coordinator for Education, Film and Theater Bien Fernandez as the symbol for a Creative Cebu project to promote and protect Cebu’s Theater Scene.

Creative Cebu Council is composed of many sectors: visual arts, music, education, photography, advertising and media, film, literary arts and many many others. The council wanted a project which all sectors can contribute to and collaborate with each other to present unity and diversity. And what better multi-disciplinary craft is there but theater?

The soft launch for the Creative Cebu Council’s Paperkite project are as follows:


SineBuano fully supports and is in league with the Creative Cebu Council board, its members along with the Young Thespians of Cebu, the rebirth and flight of Cebu’s theater scene through original Cebuano stage productions in the coming years.

Please stay tuned only here at for developments. Be part of the new revolution, have a heart for the Arts!

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