Life Exposure

It has been quite a hectic couple of weeks for me I believe I’ve never had more busy, outgoing weeks in years.

Last weekend, I had the privelege to undergo the Annual Cebu Writers Workshop or the Cornelio Faigao Writing Workshop.

For three days and two nights, I was listening to established writers point out information that I hope I could prove to be quite helpful in my skills enhancement as not only a writer but as a scenariost too.

Last Wednesday at Casino Filipino, I attended in behalf of, The Digital Social Network Eyeball and Dinner, hosted by Janette Toral and sponsored by Casino Filipino and Pagcor.

It was an event for the blogging and internet network community in Cebu.

The experience was quite interesting for all in my years residing in the Queen City, it was the first time I ever set foot inside the Waterfront Casino.

The tables, the slot machines, cards, chips, attendants, my eyes drank it all in and shelves of movies flashed through my mind: Scorsese’s Casino, the James Bond film franchise, God of Gamblers starring Chow Yun Fat and most recently, 21 starring Kevin Spacey.

Man, if we could shoot a film there.

As for the Digital Filipino event itself, it was nice and memorable to meet and connect with people who are interested in what you do. I myself am reminded of Isaac Asimov when I think of bloggers– in his book series, Foundation, he features a race of people in the planet of Gaia who can share one consciousness. Sights and smells can be recorded and stored mentally then can be accessed telepathically. So one’s experiences and emotions can be known by others almost as if they’re experiencing it themselves.

I guess we’re heading towards that end, somehow.

During the weekend, I met and bonded with the cast of the upcoming SineBuano short “Maria”. We just caught up on each others days, shared some updates, fixed some schedules and had a blast of a time, hanging out.

I’ve always been told to widen my social circle, to better my writing, to better my life as a human being in general. How vain it is of me to sit down and write of people and life when I have not yet stood up, went out and be exposed?

Cast of SineBuano's "Maria"
Cast of SineBuano
Cast members of SineBuano's Maria
The Three Leads of "Maria"
The Three Leads of
Cast members of SineBuano

Personally, I feel joyful being with the cast.

They’re a wonderful group of people and I feel blessed to have them participate in making pleasantly “Maria” a cinematic reality.

On another happy note, congratulations and adulations to the indie film shot in Cebu and about Cebu, Confessional by Jerrold Tarug and Ruel Antipuesto for winning the Cinemanila 2008 Best Southeast Asian film award!