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When I graduated from college in 2004, employment websites really helped me find opportunities for work. I went through many interviews, gaining experience and confidence until I found my ideal job as a technical/business writer, all thanks to an online advertisement I found in an employment website or “job portal”.

An employment website, or also known as job boards, is a website that focuses on employment or careers. Many employment websites are designed to allow employers to post job requirements for a position to be filled. Through a job website, a prospective employee can locate and fill out a job application or submit resumes for the advertised position.

During the year I graduated, there was just one job website worth noting; however these days there many employment websites and job portals, each are having a specialty or sector they cover.

At present there’s this new website that specializes in the employment opportunities in the Philippines business process outsourcing (BPO) sector.

BPO is the contracting of certain business processes or functions; like data processing, accounting, communications, to a third-party provider. BPO is a “sunshine industry” in the Philippines, meaning it’s helping brighten the local economy with jobs and income coming from corporations based in other parts of the world. BPO is booming in the Philippines and, at a recent count, is providing at least 3,000 new jobs annually. Most of the jobs are white-collar desk jobs relating to information technology, communications, business administration and graphics design. However, BPO also requires professionals in education, medical care, sciences and analysis, among others.

BPO JOBS PH (http://bpojobs.ph) is a unique website, not because it specializes on BPO careers and companies but because of its user-friendly design and features.

Major features of the BPO JOBS PH Website


• Prominent Search Engine

The first thing you see on the BPO JOBS Philippines website is its prominent, noticeable search bar where you can type in keywords to locate jobs and companies.

Employers browsing the site can also find job seekers and their qualifications by their online resumes.

The search results cover a broad range, not just giving you specific listings but any related listings. It is a smart way of making sure any potential career option is not to be missed. The same feature also works for online resumes. A keyword like “Computer Science” typed in the search bar would also bring in resumes of applicants with degrees in related courses such as “Information Technology”, “Business Computer Applications.”


• Comprehensive Categories

Daily postings of employment opportunities are automatically categorized for convenient notice, by job title and the location of employment.


• Featured Jobs

Featured Jobs is where career opportunities that have urgent need for applicants or offers attractive add-ons like hiring bonuses, company cars and other special benefits are presented for immediate viewing.


• Recent Jobs

Recent jobs feature the newest job postings for immediate viewing. Also the “Seen Recently” section (highlighted) shows the BPO jobs posted for the day.


• Employers, Post a New Job; Job seekers, Submit your resume

Job seekers and employers, after registration and creating their free accounts on the website, can submit/update their online resumes and post new job opportunities, respectively. The process of posting new jobs and resumes has been refined to make it more user-friendly and easy to learn.


• Hiring Companies available in BPO Jobs PH

Another category is “Hiring Companies” which features all the employers who have an account/posted job listings on BPO JOBS PHILIPPINES along with the number of jobs these companies posted. If you have a company which you preferred to be part of their workforce, you can find them easily here.

BPO JOBS PHILIPPINES Job Portal has been designed carefully to present an elegantly clean, efficiently convenient look, without clutter or messiness that can be found in other employment portals. Keeping the end-users’ needs in mind, the job portal provides a simple and clear means to post and find information related to career opportunities, that’s also most favorable when it comes to common search engines like Google and Yahoo!

Try BPO JOBS PHILIPPINES, the newest and best emerging job site on the Internet today.

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  1. Online job boards makes job search and application a whole lot easier. Thanks for sharing that site specializing in BPO. There are also sites that are company-specific such as HirePoint. All job categories available are listed. Again, that’s a good find.

  2. Intelenet BPO is currently recruiting both freshers and experienced candidates for its multinational branches. Eligible candidates can apply…

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