Enroll in the Cinema program in the University of San Carlos, Cebu City.

Be part of the movement to build a new Cebuano cinema culture and movie industry!

Enroll in the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cinema and Master of Arts in Cinema Studies at the University of San Carlos, Cebu City.

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“As BFA-Cinema moves on… , it is my hope that the cinephiles’ dream continue burning, the desire keep flowing, and the passion remain awake to be not just mere spectators but active participants in the creation of beautiful movies; contributing to the body of knowledge, and bringing back the golden years of Cebuano films.”

— Ms. Araceli Jayne Canonigo-Culibra, MMBM.
Chair, Fine Arts Department, University of San Carlos

“On Dorothy, Cinema and something Brewing in our Backyard”


“The cinematic educational infrastructure continues to be laid out. This foundation we are building will reap its rewards in future years with a multitude of national caliber films being made right here in Cebu. It is simple arithmetic: as our numbers grow, so will the number of feature films produced. And as our students become more film-literate, their creativity will be unleashed and they will recognize the difference between art and cliché. They will study the works of the great directors; glean ideas; and make these ideas uniquely their own.”

Misha Anissimov, Cinema Program Coordinator

“On Laying The Cebuano Film Scene Infrastructure”


In the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cinema, students get to learn World and Philippine Film History, Film Theory to get a in-depth understanding of the Art and Craft of motion pictures. Along with these subjects, they get to apply themselves in Screenplay, Directing and Acting, Cinematography and Editing, Sound and much more.

Through the course, the students will also develop their full-length screenplay and produce their own movie as thesis in their senior year.

There are also certificate programs in Screenwriting and Cinema Studies.

“As Bollywood is India’s secret weapon – taking India to the world by bringing its brand of glitzy entertainment – we hope that by the end of this decade, we shall have a Cebuano counterpart, taking Cebuano Cinema to the world through our local creativity, culture and traditions.”

— Joseph Michael P. Espina, FUAP, MURP, MMBM

Dean, University of San Carlos-College of Architecture and Fine Arts  on “MFA Cinema Studies, A Local Response to Global Trends”

 In the graduate Masters of Arts in Cinema Studies, students delve deeper into Film Theory, Film History, Film Ethics and Film Criticism. In Film History and research, there is a current drive to recover information about Cebu’s lost cinema, news and information about Cebu’s movie industry from the 1970’s and before. The objective of the program is to produce scholars, archivists, critics who can evaluate and elevate works of cinema as the important cultural products these are.

An essential experience for both Cinema and Cinema studies students is the SineKultura, a weekly series of movies from all around the globe and different eras that the students must watch to be familiarized and knowledgeable with cinema’s hallmarks, milestones influential artists, cinematic techniques and thoughts. SineKultura also cultivates cinephilia, a deep love for cinema, that is a missing quality in both the audience and the artists of the Philippine industry.


Guidelines to Enrollment.

 To enroll, the following are required:

For Incoming Freshmen

• Original Copy of Form 138
• Origincal Copy of Birth Certificate with NSO authentication
• Accomplished Student’s Personal Data Sheet
• Other requirements, where applicable

Requirements for Enrollment/Transfer

• Certificate of Transfer Credentials
• Informative Copy of Transcript of Records
• Statement of Good Moral Character signed by the Dean or Head of School Last Attended
• Original Copy of Birth Certificate with NSO authentication
• Interview Clearance from the USC Office of Student Affairs
• Accomplished Student Personal Data Sheet
• Accomplished Accreditation Form of Subjects taken in other schools
• Other requirements, where applicable

Forms, other requirements and information are available at the

Department of Fine Arts
College of Architecture and Fine Arts
USC Talamban Campus, Nasipit Talamban,
Cebu City
Telephone # (+63 32) 230-0100 local 802

For International Students, Dual Citizens and Filipinos who studied and graduated outside the Philippines.

Please contact the Office of External Affairs (+63 32) 253-1000 local 150 and (+63 32) 253-7183 for specific requirements or visit www.usc.edu.ph and click “International Students Information Section”

Email-add: ext_affairs@usc.edu.ph and usc_external@yahoo.com


Year-Round Admission

Those who wish to enroll as Freshmen, and continuing college students (Transferees), may take the qualifying entrance examination anytime throughout the year.

In taking the qualifying entrance examinations, the following are required:

•Three copies of 2×2 ID photo with white background
•Payment of appropriate testing fee
•School ID (original and photocopy)

Please direct your inquiries to the Department of Fine Arts staff for further information and guidance.

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