Diem’s Blog #4 Juice up with Spiritual Electricity

Creativity is an experience–to my eye, a spiritual experience. It does not matter which way you think of it: creativity leading to spirituality or spirituality leading to creativity. In fact, I do not make a distinction between the two.

–JULIA CAMERON, The Artist’s Way Spiritual Electricity, The Basic Principles.

What the author, Miss Cameron, is asking me, the reader, is to take a leap of many faiths: to have faith in myself, to have faith in the Universe, especially in its creative force that’s vested itself inside me, with my life choice in being a writer and a story teller.

The part of the text of this section that strikes me most is that Miss Cameron’s process for recovery of creativity is like climbing a mountain– hence the very conical Mt. Fuji, or a snow-capped Mt. Mayon(?) at the cover the book. The Artist’s Way is a spiral path to the top, giving me a 360-degree of the vistas that my own Self and my World have to offer.Though I might encounter the same vistas during my ascent, the view changes with the heights I could reach later on.

And like any climb, it is fraught with frustrating slips and falls. It’s not going to be easy, warns Miss Cameron, and at times it could down-right painful. In her creativity classes she could have encountered resistance and defiance from students as they go through the process– the anger, the grief and the pain.

With the section titled as Spiritual Electricity, seems like I’m going through electroshock therapy for my artist id and ego.

Oh this is going to be so fun.

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