Crystal Cavalier Productions open auditions for Theater Fest this 2011

In preparation for the Cebu Contemporary Theater Festival slated for July/August/September 2011, Crystal Cavalier Productions is now holding a casting call for auditions this March/April 2011.

Please submit your applications now! THERE ARE ONLY 11 SPOTS that will be casted. Please expect a very competitive audition.


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This year the Cebu Contemporary Theater Festival plans to feature/perform the following plays (casting requirements for each play in italics, plays/requirements is subject to change):


A hilarious take on William Shakespeare’s classic tragedy that blends both contemporary and Shakespearean dialogues.  Two actors perform all of the main roles with great versatility.  A wittingly sarcastic narrator accompanies the performance.  Dialogue: English.

Casting for:  Actors 1 and 2 (both MALE with a flair for slapstick comedy;)  Narrator (MALE or FEMALE)


An episodic play made up of monologues that relate to alternative lifestyles. Dialogue:  English, Cebuano, Tagalog.  It includes HOMESPUN, the memories and hopes of a young male to female pre-operative transsexual; RED ANG LUHA NI MICHAEL, the end and psychoanalysis of a six-year relationship between Ricky and Mike; ANG AKING MUNTING KALACHUCHI, the traumatic experiences and self described positive self-healing of a woman.

Casting for: 3 actors: 1 PRE OR POST-OPERATIVE TRANSSEXUAL, 1 MALE, and 1 FEMALE)


A husband and wife celebrate their anniversary dinner, With a terminal illness in the background, they decide what to do with the time left. Dialogue:  Tagalog.

Casting for: 2 actors (1 MALE and 1 FEMALE, must be fluent in tagalog, must be able to handle intimate scenes.)


The story of a novice nun who gives birth and insists that the dead child was the result of a virgin conception.  A psychiatrist and mother superior of the convent clash during the resulting investigation.  All roles are considered to be very demanding.  Dialogue:  English.

Casting for 3 actors (FEMALE, must be fluent in English, must smoke cigarettes on stage.)

Where and how to send your applications? KNOW MORE OF THE AUDITION PROCESS, download this information sheet HERE

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  3. I really want to be a part of play productions. Unfortunately, I missed the auditions :(((

  4. Hi Kat, we suggest you e-mail or befriend Crystal Cavalier Productions in Facebook 🙂 So that you can get regular updates when it comes to theater productions.

    Also you can apply as a volunteer with them or maybe with Little Boy Productions to always be a part of Cebu’s Theater Scene.

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