Cinephilia 2011@The Cebu City Public Library, 2/4

“It has been said that a room without books is like a body without a soul. Perhaps the same can be said for a city without a library for its residents,”

–Diem Judilla, organizer of CinePhilia Cebu and a proud volunteer member of Friends of Cebu City Public Library.

Early last February, Cebu’s filmmakers officially contributed to the Cebu City Public Library several materials related to film works to the Library’s archives to be accessed and appreciated by the patrons of the Public Library and the residents of Cebu City.

The Cebu City Public Library calls for Cebuanos, especially artists and artisans in literary and audiovisual arts, to share materials for a mounting archive that can be viewed and enjoyed by city residents in the library’s audio-visual room or in special screenings hosted by the Public Library in select venues, like public schools and baranggays.

To answer this call, Cinema One Originals 2011 Special Citation awardee Victor Villanueva with screenwriter Diem Judilla presented digital DVD copies and bound copies of the shooting script for their short film titled Saranghae My Tutor, for CinePhilia at the Cebu City Public Library.

Chief Librarian Rosario Chua was on-hand to formally receive the items, which were autographed/signed on the spot by both Villanueva and Judilla. They hoped these will become helpful sources of reference for interested parties, such as students, cinephiles, aspiring writers, and filmmakers in Cebu.

Saranghae My Tutor is a 25-minute short film in Cebuano and South Korean dialogue, with English subtitles.

The short film garnered Special Mention Award from the Cinemanila International Film Festival 2011 as well in the recently concluded CinemaRehiyon 2012.

Directed by Villanueva, with a screenplay by Judilla, the film revolves around a Cebuano ESL (English as a Second Language) academy teacher named Benjamin Fructuso Pilapil, who considers himself the loneliest person in Cebu. But his fate changes when he falls head over heels with his new student, the beautiful Korean Mi-Ok North Park.

Produced by Dreamline Productions with Downboy Studio and award-winning Cebuano director Remton Zuasola, the cast of Saranghae My Tutor is composed of Ozzie Ouano, Serena Kim, Jacob Choi, Eden Villarba, with a special appearance of Publio Briones III.

The film was screened after the turn-over ceremonies last Saturday at the library.

For several months since its reopening last year, the library has been inviting Cebuanos for materials, like books and short films, with positive cultural and social values.

SineBuano invites Cebuanos to recognize and appreciate the public library as a prime civic institution for learning, literacy, culture and heritage.

Please support the Cebu City Public Library in its efforts to promote literacy, joy of reading and cultural awareness to the residents of Metro Cebu.

For more information on how you can participate in the Public Library’s projects as a volunteer or donate materials or assistance, please reach the Chief Librarian Ma’m Rosario Chua through the Library phone line: (032) 412-4460

On behalf of the organizers, SineBuano would like to thank its friends, especially those in the local media, for their taking the time to attend and bear witness to the event.

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