Cebu’s Contemporary Theater Festival

Updated 9/1/2010

Due to PUBLIC DEMAND, the CEBU CONTEMPORARY FESTIVAL has a repeat performance this September 4, Saturday at CAP Arts Center.

Schedule of Shows is 10 AM, 1 PM and 4 PM!

Four contemporary stories presented on stage as four compelling plays by dedicated thespians and performers in Cebu! A day of live theater set at the CAP Art Center that should not be missed!

For reservations please email or call 0915-114-2317.

SOURCE: Cebu Contemporary Theater Festival 2010 Facebook Page

There wasn’t much information on the plays to be featured, in order to build up interest and anticipation I guess, but I did a little research online on my own.

“THE WEDDING DANCE” is based on the short story by pre-War Filipino poet and novelist Amador Daguio.

Set in the northern highlands, the story revolves on the intricacies of Ifugao tribal law and marriage where a couple who wish to divorce due to infertility of either one of the partners is allowed by the law. Also, an Ifugao husband who divorces a wife without any valid reason will have to leave all properties to the children and the wife.

“THREE ANGRY PIGS” is a local adaptation of the public domain play “TWELVE ANGRY PIGS” by prolific author and playwright Wade Bradford.

The original play is a fairy tale comedy about a jury of porcine peers putting the Bid Bad Wolf on trial for his crimes against pork-kind.

“Hanggang Dito na Lamang at Maraming Salamat” (This is As Far as We Go, and Many Thanks) is a full-length play written by multi-awarded playwright and film director Orlando Nadres.

First staged in December 1974, this is considered as the first Filipino play that openly tackles the gender issue of homosexuality with  an empathetic understanding of closeted and liberal gays and their humanity, and how society regards and treats them.

The play is about a repressed, closet gay and pawnshop owner, “Uncle” Fidel. Nobody in town knows about Fidel’s secret except for his best friend, the flamboyant Julie, the town’s beautician, who is more open with his sexuality. He advises Fidel to come to terms with his true nature, especially when Fidel is in love with his own ward, Efren.

This was the first drama I worked on as Stagehand for the Luce Auditorium during my college stint in Silliman University in 1999. It’s a drama I really recommend watching!

“May Trabaho na po ako, Inay” is an adaptation of the play “Look Mom, I have a job” by American playwright T. James Belich.

According to the playwright’s website, the original 10-minute play is about devoted jogger Kari and her discovery of the unusual job her actor-neighbor Gus works on at the local zoo.

The Cebu Contemporary Theatre Festival is a yearly event that serves as a catalyst in improving the quality and appreciation of theatre performance arts in Cebu.

Tickets are priced at P200.

For reservations please email or call 0915-114-2317.

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  1. Due to the success of last Saturday night, The Cebu Contemporary Theater Festival will hold a second performance this September 4.

    Please check out the event’s Facebook page for further details.

  2. The Cebu Contemporary Theater Festival this September 4 at the CAP Arts Center will have the following schedule for showings:

    10 AM, 1 PM and 4 PM


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