SineBuano recommends “Astig”

“Astig” – Spin off from the independent film “Confessional”

I bumped into this short film in You tube; because the success and critical acclaim of filmmaker Jerrold Tarog for his work in The Confessional, (which I haven’t seen yet).

ASTIG is a spin-off, so they say, of one of the characters of the Confessional movie.

It’s amazing to see how Cebuano actor Jai Rabin metamorphoses into the story’s swaggering tourist and taxi passenger.

It’s very predictable but that’s the point; the story is a mere look into ethnocentrism… and I’m assuming that’s also one of the themes in “Confessional.”

Mr. Bean’s Holiday

I thought some of the gags were very episodic at first; and the ridiculously contrived turning point for the father losing his child. But you couldn’t go wrong if you have a movie with Willem Dafoe as an annoyingly pretentious filmmaker whose work is foiled by Mr.Bean in the end; a scene that brings payoff and full circle to the very episodic gags throughout. I think Emma de Caunes is very attractive as Bean’s leading lady… and I really, really like the way this parodicizes or makes a satire the elitist “arthouse” filmmakers in cinema and also the cliche of the struggling actress who isn’t even spared adequate moments of screen time! But as it happens, Bean foils all of that and Dafoe even has his own ridiculous character arc as a filmmaker as a result.


I recommend this to all filmmakers who like to think they’re “artistic”.

SineBuano recommends “The Promise”

  • Directed by Mike Tuviera
  • Writing by Raquel Villavicencio
  • Original Music by Arnold Buena, Allan Feliciano
  • Cinematography by Marissa Floirendo
  • Film Editing by Jay Halili, David Hukom
  • Production Design by Mario Lipit
  • Produced by Jose Mari Abacan, Annette Gozon-Abrogar, Elaine Lozano
  • and Lily Y. Monteverde
  • Distributed by Regal Films and GMA Films

When Andrea’s (Angel Locsin) family adopted Daniel (Richard Gutierrez), it marked the beginning of a close friendship that would blossom into a love that would be tested by time and trials. Can the two lovers remain committed to their promise for each other when Life seems bent to tear them apart?

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SineBuano recommends “My Kuya’s Wedding”

  • Director: Topel Lee
  • Writers: Roselle Monteverde-Teo, Allan Tijamo
  • Cinematography : Luis Quirino
  • Original Music : Von de Guzman
  • Film Editing : Marya Ignacio
  • Production Design : Mark Sabas
  • Produced by: Elaine Lozano, Flordeliza Hombre Milan, Lily Y. Monteverde, Roselle Monteverde-Teo
  • Cast: Ryan Agoncillo, Maja Salvador, Pauleen Luna, Jason Abalos, Say Alonzo

MY KUYA’S WEDDING (My Big Brother’s Wedding)

Siblings Jeff(Ryan Agoncillo) and Kat(Maja Salvador) grew up very close, each meaning the world to the other. When Jeff returns from a 4 year-absence abroad, Kat’s hopes for a reunited family gets threatened when Jeff brings home his beautiful soon-to-be-bride Heidi (Pauleen Luna).

Kat hatches out a selfish scheme to halt a wedding and keep her brother to herself but finds herself failing and at the same time falling for the charming Aris whose the brother of Heidi, Kat’s sworn Bridezilla foe.

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