AMIGO in Cebu, 2/10 to 2/11

John Sayles’ historical independent film “AMIGO” was screened in Cebu last February 10 and 11.

SineBuano thanks member Daniel Egos for pitching in with our Amigo filmmaker-friends through the screenings and related events, for his write-up about the experience to follow and to Mary Lizbeth for the photos.

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More Roll, Less Rattle and No Shake please

Regal Films’ Shake, Rattle, and Roll is an iconic franchise of contemporary Philippine cinema. Generations of Filipinos grew up familiar with the horror film anthology. I could still recall favorite segments in the past, particularly the first SSR 1984’s Fridyider and Manananggal but this was under Athena Productions then.

I never looked forward to watching these films during Christmas where the film is a regular participant in the Metro Manila Film Festival. So why did I watched this year’s installment? Because of friend and filmmaker Jerrold Tarog‘s directorial effort in one of the film’s segments.

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SineBuano@MMFF 2010, 12/26

How did you spend  your Christmas holidays? Me, I spent it spending some money for a couple of tickets to the Metro Manila Film Festival 2010, simply because Philippine cinema needs our support and by the look of things, the industry needs all the help it can get.

Just watched two films: Ang Tanging Ina and Shake, Rattle and Roll.

Why? Both films are successful franchises in the Philippines. Ang Tanging Ina starring comedienne Ai-ai delas Alas is now on its third film but pales to the number the horror anthology Shake, Rattle and Roll franchise has–now on its 12th iteration.

I figure I needed a good laugh and a good scare.

My review and re-write of the film after the jump!

WARNING: There be SPOILERS here!

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The Triangle of Filmmaking Compromise

*Taken from “The Guerilla Filmmakers Handbook” by Chris Jones and Genevieve Jolliffe © 200, Continuum Publishing.

The Fearful have no Place here.

With all the travel advisories stacked against the Philippines, now 5 thanks France– I think that the national Tourism Board could put an awesome spin on it.


“Living Life on the Edge! Adventure Philippines”

“The Philippines, only the Fearless come here. Cowards, stay home.”

“RP: Dare the Danger!”

“The Philippines, Face your Fears.”

“Survive Philippines!”