Bike for the Right to Breathe and Live

Riding for better air, cleaner environment and health awareness, two cycling events will take place for the Independence Day celebration this Sunday in Cebu, Philippines.

Cycling enthusiasts in Cebu are also encouraged to be a part of the Ride Planet Earth campaign.

The Road Revolution.

The Road Revolution takes place from the Cebu Provincial Capitol and ends at Plaza Independencia from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., turning the whole stretch of the road into a “car-free” area.

The said event is said to be a declaration of independence from air and traffic pollution. In line with this is the signing of petition for the construction of better sidewalks, bicycle lanes and a collective transportation system for Cebu City.

Aside from biking, there will also be those who would be walking, running and skating. This is part of the Law of Nature Foundation’s Freedom Walk, to initiate a petition to promulgate an ordinance that would make all roads in Cebu City favorable to the people. Dubbed the “The Filipinos’ Declaration of Independence from Air and Traffic Pollution,” the event promotes a pollution-free environment for the city.

As of yesterday, over 10,000 signatures supporting the petition have been gathered and only one thousand more are needed to call for the adoption of the ordinance. But organizers said they are aiming at least 100,000 signatures.

Under the proposed ordinance, all existing roads in the city should have 30 percent all-weather sidewalks and pathways, 30 percent bicycle lanes, 30 percent area for non-pollutive transportation system, and 10 percent greenbelts for edible gardens.


The 2nd OZ Racing Night Ride.

After a day of campaigning to support a worthy cause, cyclists take a time out for a fun ride with at the second OZ Racing Independence Day Night Ride at the Asiatown I.T Park in Apas, Lahug.
Registrants need to bring a valid ID. Freebies from OZ, Habagat and other sponsors will be given to the first 150 registrants.

An award will be given to the best pimped bike. A folding bike will also be raffled, courtesy of Jay Garganera, proprietor of Js Corner.

Cycling : Save Energy, Save Money, Save the Planet, Save Yourself.

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