Awesome Actress!

I’ve always considered Lea Salonga as a national treasure of the Philippines when it come to acting and felt it such a shame that her talent were not as often as captured in film as often it is given out by her on the theatrical stage.

Her skills, intelligence and charisma has put the country on the Broadway and London’s West End sights. She paved a road full of opportunities for local Pinoy talents to the world stage. She really shines as a star in theater and I know she belongs nowhere else but sometimes I believe she could have done the same thing to Philippine cinema, bring it up to a whole new level of evolution.

She is and always will be the epitome of the ideal actress for me.

And thanks to this, I would have to say that Lea Salonga has just reached a new level of worship for me. I just so “HEART” her!

3 thoughts on “Awesome Actress!”

  1. Very interesting! Never had I had an idea of a ‘gamer’ Lea Salonga. She was always the intellegent and eloquent singer-theater actress to me eversince I was small.

    So Lea play games, huh? What about a challege? 🙂

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