And the Nominees are… has been shortlisted for this year’s Digital Filipino Web Awards! Waaahooo!

In the category of Music/Movie/Film, has been recognized by DigitalFilipino as one of the best websites from the Philippines for the year 2008!

This is just great. Just to be appreciated is already a pleasure. Makes me want to do try better from now on!

4 thoughts on “And the Nominees are…”

  1. Are you in the video/audio production itsudnry?If you are, please if you can share your information on your relative location and what you do. I have a two year degree in this field (digital video/audio productions) that I slammed FIFTY THOUSAND dollars on. Here I am 6 months after graduation and I can’t get hired ANYWHERE around Tampa, Florida. Its unbelievable how much competition there is and I am wondering if i will ever set foot in the door and what does it take to actually find a decent stable paying job that I can get so I can get started on a decent life. I need some advice!!Also if you want, please share how you started out and if you have a degree.

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