A Sporty Summer at Cebu’s SRP

A multi-sporting event backed up by the Cebu City government, the 2011 Cebu Fest will feature close to 30 sport events this May 14 to 21, 2011 at the South Road Properties (SRP).

Among the 30 sports events to be featured are motocross, dance sport, baseball, softball, flag football, beach volleyball, ultimate frisbee, boxing, mixed martial arts, kitesurfing, windsurfing, off-road challenge, touch rugby, running, kayaking, chess, sky diving, duathlon, wakeboarding, jetski, RC racing, taekwondo, sports climbing, and airsoft.

Free clinics will be held to allow those who want to learn the new sports.

In motocross, there will be some foreign entries as well as former national champions set to see action. The success of this race will be the basis for an international battle on September here.

Motocross, batted sports, ultimate Frisbee, kitesurfing, sky diving and the sun down run starts March 14 while off-road and duathlon will be on the 15th.

Touch rugby will be on the 20th and the rest on the 21st of May.

Baseball and softball will be featuring several games for both junior and senior players.

Off-roaders will be dealing an extra challenge with the addition of a medical simulation while airsoft enthusiasts will be battling it out in a 25-hectare game site.

Boxing, mixed martial arts, and sky diving will be purely exhibition only.

For Chess, an exciting exhibition match will be set up with a giant magnetic board and human chess pieces.

Two of Cebu’s best chess players, Kim Steven Yap and Anthony Makinano will lead their two teams in the match.

Regular chess tournaments will be done at the SRP, but the final round will be held at Yayoy’s Grill.

Aside from the sporting events, there’s also a carnival, night bazaar, car show, and concert at Baywalk.

For more information about this event, please check out the Cebu City Sports Commission FaceBook page

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