Effect of Base Oil Type in Grease Composition on the

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Abstract: A grease composition for a rolling bearing for a motor to support a rotor of the motor, containing a pentaerythritol ester base oil with a kinematic viscosity at 40° C. of 20 to 55 mm2/s; 7 to 13 mass % of a diurea thickener represented by formula (A) where each R group is defined; and a rust inhibitor mixture selected from the group consisting of polyol ester type rust inhibitors ...

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Grease is a semisolid lubricant.Grease generally consists of a soap emulsified with mineral or vegetable oil. The characteristic feature of greases is that they possess a high initial viscosity, which upon the application of shear, drops to give the effect of an oil-lubricated bearing of approximately the same viscosity as the base oil used in the grease.

The Influence of Base Oil Properties on the Friction .

Better understanding of the effect of base oil viscosity on friction can only be achieved if greases made of the same base oil type are compared [25]. PAO was chosen as the most suitable oil type for this investigation, due to its definite and consistent composition [26], with consequent improvements in repeatability of the results and validity of


The use of vegetable oil in lubricant as base oil: A review 125 improved through selective breeding programs and genetic modification, and also by chemical modification of oil structure by techniques such as blending, interesterification, hydrogenation and epoxidation. Oxidation properties evaluated experimentally are often

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a base oil VI range up to 126 VI, within the precision of the test. E-4 March 2015 Version E. For Sequence IIIE, IIIF, IIIFHD, IIIG and IIIGA tests required for interchanging the base stock, specific requirements are given in Table E-3. Single Technology Matrix (STM) is an alternate approach to BOI

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Composition As previously illustrated, grease consists of three components: thickener, base oil and additives. Thickener… The thickener defines the type of grease (see Fig. 2). Greases are classified into two major families: soap and non-soap thickeners. More than 90% of the thickeners used worldwide are soap based.

Fatty acids and antioxidant effects on grease microstructur

Fatty acids and antioxidant effects on grease microstructures ... other greases made with varying composition of base oil, fatty acid, lithium hydroxide, and additive. ... dispersions owing their consistency to a gel-type network. A typical composition of grease includes base fluids, thickener, and additives ( Fig. 1). The


The balance of the grease composition was compensated with the base oil. The grease compositions thus prepared were evaluated in accordance with the following test methods. The results are also shown in Tables 1 and 2. <Friction Reducing Effect in Actual Device> Using an actual device of electric power steering (EPS), a durability test was ...

Effect of base oil viscosity of grease on lubricating .

Effect of base oil viscosity of grease on lubricating condition of ball type linear motion rolling bearing ... The ball type linear motion rolling bearing and the ball bearing usually have similar defective modes. ... the influence of the viscosity of the base oil which forms the oil film at the rolling contact area in the ball type linear ...


lubricating base oil. The more resistant a base oil is to oxidation, the less tendency it has to form deposits, sludge, and corrosive byproducts in grease, engine oil and industrial oil applications, and the more resistant it is to undesirable viscosity increases during use. Studies have shown that base oil composition can have a significant

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Grease Consistency and Thickener Type. Now for that extra step: The consistency of grease is controlled by the thickener concentration, thickener type and the viscosity of the base oil. Even though base oil viscosity affects consistency, it is important to note that a grease can have a high consistency and a low base oil viscosity or vice versa.

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For a specific oil type, the influence of base oil viscosity on friction was found to be closely related to its effect on film thickness: greases formulated with PAO oils covering a wide range of ...

The influence of bearing grease composition on friction in .

The composition and properties of the lubricating film are likely to depend on both the grease properties (base oil and thickener type, additives, rheology) and operating conditions (speed, temperature and bearing design). There are a number of models for grease lubrication of bearings.

Effect of Base Oil Type in Grease Composition on the .

Effect of Base Oil Type in Grease Composition on the Lubricating Film Formation in EHD Contacts. Basel / MDPI (2018) [Buchbeitrag, Fachzeitschriftenartikel] Lubricants : open access journal

Study on Wire Rope Grease of High Adhesion Performance .

A wire rope grease product of high adhesion performance was prepared,with different viscosity mineral oil as base oil system,polymers compounds containing nitrogen and ...

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Grease composition, function and performance Sliding and rolling surface actions, coupled with differences in speed, load, component size and operating environment, all influence the type of oil film that is expected to form and the viscometric and additive properties that must be present with-in the oil to protect machine components.


potentially useful for grease screening, quality control, and base oil composition effect in thermal-oxidation stability. This paper details how to develop a decomposition kinetic model, its correlation to a bearing test, applications and findings. INTRODUCTION . Lubricating greases are currently used in various mechanical systems designed for

Film formation and friction in grease lubricated rolling .

The study presented here investigated film formation and friction in grease lubricated rolling/sliding, non-conformal contacts under fully-flooded conditions. The influence of grease thickener type (diurea and lithium complex), base oil viscosity, temperature, roughness and entrainment speed on film thickness and friction was studied.

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The Effect of Selected Grease Components on the Wear Behavior of Grease-Lubricated Gea

The investigations showed that the base oil type and viscosity only have a slight effect on gear wear behavior under boundary lubrication conditions. However, the thickener type and especially the additive type as well as the solid lubricant type significantly affect the wear behavior of gears running at slow speeds and lubricated with grease.

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components: base oil, thickener, and additives. Base Oils: Base oil comprises the largest component of a grease, representing 80 - 97% by weight. The choice of base fluid may be mineral oil, synthetic oil, or any fluid that provides lubricating properties. It must be noted that the base oil portion of a grease