3 Lullabies Live at Handuraw, 10/19

Cebu’s performance artist/poet Russ Ligtas will perform three visually-dynamic performances this Wednesday, October 19, at Handuraw.

“Lullaby of the Lifeless” • A different kind of haunting takes place in this imagining of the afterlife. A dead man is racked with memories from his previous life.

“A Fluke Among Flukes” • This piece was first performed without an audience on an unfinished walkway in Lilo-an, Cebu. It begins as a rumination on the plight of the non-human persons in Taiji, Japan and ends as a prayer for the cetaceanvictims. The piece will be performed later this month at the site of the dolphin slaughter.

“Laylay ni Mortisio” (“Mortisio’s Lullaby”) • An homage to Tatsumi Hijikata, this dance tells of the apprehensions that visit the mind before achieving sleephood: Mortality,the elusiveness of sleep and the fear of nightmares.

Admission is FREE. For further details please contact ERIC 09175466930/ YAS 0905269996

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  1. I plan on shooting a hoorrr film in an indoor location without electricity so I will not have ability to plug in lights. (maybe batt operated)I want the? video to have a darker(light) feel. Would you recommend shooting during the day and adjusting the exposure/color correction to give it a darker night time feel?

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