The Three Mistakes of Bearing Lubrication Applications

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There’s no standard definition of “lubricated for life,” since life can vary, depending on the product and application. The simplest explanation of “lubricated for life” is a linear bearing (or ball screw) that does not need re-lubrication over its normal service life.

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Are you making these common mistakes? The wheels of industry turn on bearings, so why do the wheels often vibrate, clatter, squeak, drag and overheat? Bearings can fail for lots of reasons. Most failures (as shown in Figure 1) are related to lubrication and contamination, but...

The Three Mistakes of Bearing Lubrication - Applications .

By avoiding three common mistakes when greasing bearings you can predict the right time to grease, know how much grease to apply, and be confident in the bearing’s overall health. Mistake 1 – Lubricating Is Based on Time instead of Condition. Lubricating a bearing once per week or once per month may seem like a sensible thing to do.

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The aim of rolling bearing lubrication is to prevent ... ing moving ball which slides on three fixed balls. Dur-ing the test for the maximum load-bearing capacity of the lubricant, a test force acts on the moving ball, ... versity of possible applications and technical realities, they can only serve as recommendations and are not arbitrarily ...

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Centralized lubrication for all applications ... BDS bearing dosage system for three lubrication circuits 4. SSV/SSV E, SSV D and varieties – solid block progressive lubricant dividers ... Mistakes in connections or settings are avoided SSV/SSV L SSV and SSV L are piston-type metering

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3 mistakes to avoid when using electrical engine greases ... Excess lubrication: one of the myths about bearing maintenance says that adding a big quantity of grease is beneficial for the equipment’s productivity increase. A quantity of grease over the allowed limit will, however, block the temperature inside the bearing and the equipment ...


Clear benefits of avoiding the three mistakes. Ultrasound assisted lubrication of plant assets offers significant benefits that calendar-based lubrication cannot. Lubrication serves a primary purpose, which is to create a thin layer of lubricant between rolling and sliding elements that reduces friction.

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netic bearing systems become more accepted and the numbers of applications increase, so do the operating experience and ad­ vancements. Revolve Technologies Inc. (Revolve), formerly the Hardware Applications Group within Nova Corporation of Al­ berta, has been involved in over 35 magnetic bearing applica­

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Typical lubrication mistakes. 2016-04-11 ©SKF SKF Maintenance Products Initial bearing lubrication • Bearing: ... It provides good lubrication in general applications subjected to harsh conditions and vibration. Excellent mechanical stability Extremely good corrosion inhibiting

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Three Mistakes to Avoid When Lubricating a Bearing Mistake #1 - Lubricating based on TIME instead of CONDITION Lubricating a bearing once per week or once a month may seem like a sensible thing to do. After all, performing scheduled maintenance at regular periods is an age old concept ingrained early on.

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In bearing applications, the actual lubricating fluid is generally a mineral oil or a synthetic oil. This oil can be used alone, or in conjunction with a thickener to form a lubricating grease. The thickener (in most cases, lithium, calcium, or sodium soap) forms a lattice which carries the oil between its fibers.

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Imagine the oil running out, carbonizing, or evaporating, leaving a stiff thickener behind. Lack of lubrication from the base oil, plus the presence of the stiff thickener, will cause major problems for your application. Imagine chunks of solid matter knocking around inside your bearing, clogging up the track, and you’ll get the idea. Seal ...

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Fault tree analysis of most common rolling bearing tribological failures ... lubrication condition, contaminated lubricant and fatigue load of the bearing are taken into ... three body wear ...

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Fortunately, remedies are available in the form of intelligent specifications. Regardless of bearing type and lubrication method, avoiding lubrication errors is of great value from both a safety and a reliability perspective. Procedural shortcuts and lubrication mistakes often jeopardize equipment reliability and can prove very costly.


The Three Mistakes of Bearing Lubrication - Applications. Understanding Grease Construction and Function. Hydraulic Oils. Additives in New Age Hydraulic Oils. Contamination Control. Lube Tech on Varnish. The Importance of Timely Oil Drains copy. Other Maintenance Solutions. IP Testing Ratings ( Work Lights)

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For most linear guide and drive applications, grease is the better lubrication option. It adheres to bearing surfaces better than oil, lasts longer, and is less likely to run off or be ejected from rotating parts. Grease lubricants are made of three primary components, a base oil, a thickener, and additives (typically rust inhibitors).

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Learn how to remedy the most common lubrication mistakes made in industry today. ... I was taught to grease a bearing by simply attaching the grease gun and working the lever until grease was seen purging from somewhere. While this may be effective for hinge pins and other applications where purging grease won’t cause damage, it shouldn’t ...

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