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"Solvent Traps", Still VERY ILLEGAL to Use As Intended .

For example, the guy selling the thread adapter kit (including freeze plugs) to be used with maglite bodies has clarified with the ATF that you do need something with baffles attached to your gun AND it has to have a pass through hole in it. An oil filter, adapter, and threaded barrel is NOT illegal until that oil filter has a hole in the end.

How to Build an AR-15 Upper Receiver: Ultimate Visual .

See how easy it is to build your own AR-15 upper receiver. Step-by-step with pictures, plus essential tools, recommended parts, tips/tricks, and two full builds.

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Dry Lube for AR 15? This is a discussion on Dry Lube for AR 15? within the Maintenance forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; I posted this question over at a certain AR 15 forum, but no one seems to want to answer. Funny thing. They will talk all ...

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In our news series, AR-15 Hacks, outdoorHub teaches you tips and tricks that will help you clean, maintain, use, and customize your AR-15.

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I Threw Away My Tetra Gun Grease Today. This is a discussion on I Threw Away My Tetra Gun Grease Today. within the Maintenance forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; Why, because I read a post by someone who said it rusted his guns. Well, I figured, maybe there were other factors that caused the ...

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oil vs. grease - this is a generalization, so please accept it as such. If I had to make an distinction, I would use grease on sliding parts, and oil on pivoting parts. ... what shooters in my classes might say I do shoot quite a bit but have not felt the need to move to extreme lubricants yet. If I was a JJ Racaza or Mike Seeklander with free ...

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A material recognized as ‘grease’ or ‘oil’ can be made of various fixings, manufactured or something else, and have a tremendously extraordinary piece and impact. Tetra Weapon grease is supported by numerous gun lovers for its thick ‘oil’ properties, for example, being perfect for high wear territories, and remaining set up.

Fake Science, Bullshit, and your Favorite Gun Lube .

2:1 ratio of synthetic motor oil to synthetic ATF is the best lube I’ve found. It’s the same thing as Lucas’s gun oil. 3/4 of a gallon of lube for a max of $25 will last nearly forever and it WORKS. That and some TW25 grease on the heavy load/wear points well get it done. Reply

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G96 Products Synthetic CLP Gun Oil ... I try to keep CLP usage to a minimum simply because grease like mil-comm work better in my opinion, but I keep a bottle of G96 handy to clean and lubricate in the field when its not practical to apply grease. ... Ive run 600+ rounds in a day though an AR15 that was lubed with G96 and had zero issues on a ...

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I use an extreme performance synthetic grease called TW 25B it provides excellent corrosion resistance and is the consistency of 50w oil. It is temperature rated at -90 F to 450+ F, it is white in color so you can tell when it is really dirty after hundreds of rounds.

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Anyone use One Shot for lube on the rifle? This is a discussion on Anyone use One Shot for lube on the rifle? within the The M14 forums, part of the M14 M1A Forum category; Mods, wasn't sure where to put this, if it needs to be moved feel free. I was at my local fun store (Gallensons) and I ...


AeroShell Grease 64 Synthetic Grease for Aircraft Containing Molybdenum Disulfide An extreme pressure (EP) grease Meets MIL-G-21164D P/N 08-00824 Extreme-Pressure Airframe Grease AeroShell Grease 64 is an EP airframe grease based on the proven lithium thickener technology of AeroShell Grease 33.

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I use grease on just about everything now days. For example on my AR's the only things that get oil are the gas rings, FCG pins, barrel, and on certain occasions the action spring and sight posts. Glock's all grease minus the barrel, Sig P series all grease minus the barrel, AK's all grease minus the barrel you get the idea.

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Oil vs. Grease? Discussions about the best gun lubricants often involve a debate between oil and grease. Oil and grease are the same on a basic level, the difference is what’s added to it. Grease is oil with a thickening agent applied. Choosing one over the other is based heavily on application and operating conditions.

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Which lubricant would be a better choice for the BCG on an AR15: oil or grease? My take on lube; I prefer oil over grease, and use Break-Free LP for the lubrication of my bolt and carrier. ... It seems to be working well though it hasn't stood the test of time yet. ... What's the opinion nowadays regarding Weapon Shield vs Slip2000 EWL? Most ...

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All of Schaeffers grease is either petroleum based or PAO with with petroleum bases - no pure synthetics. Ultimately he had no grease to recommend for my application and stated that I should use a silicone base grease. In terms of the teflon vs moly question, he felt that either one would provide the bonding and wear characteristics I was after.

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I've read with Breakfree CLP it is not meant to stay on a firearm for a long time before the firearm is fired. For example, if used to lube a gun, then a few months pass by, the gun should be lubed again before firing. Is that true with LSA (Lubricating Oil, Semi-fluid) as well? Another way to phrase the question is which stays on longer?

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The Difference: Gun Oil, Lube, and Grease. There’s a huge amount of discussion about which items are best to treat weapons, yet it’s consistent that each gun requires probably some dimension of substance treatment now and again (regardless of whether with oil, lube, or grease).

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Ok, I hate to be "that guy" who asks the same question that's asked daily. But I'm stumped over this "oil vs grease" thing for AR's. It seems grease is gaining traction with the AR crowd. I'm not a fan of grease with AR's mostly because oil is easier to clean up (and I clean my AR's often, unlike my AK's).

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I've always been a fan of grease, something like militec, rig, wilson and more recently Slip2000. I hate coming back to one of my AR's in the safe and find the stock and charging handle with the oil running down. I oil when I shoot and store them pretty dry with a very light coating of oil and a dab of grease on the moving parts.

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A good gun grease is made up of oil, a thickening agent and a number of substances that are added and should protect your gun from extreme conditions and do its job in both hot and cold weather. Here are a list of some of the best for you to consider: Top 5 Best Gun Grease Reviews 1 Grizzly Grease Non-Toxic CLP 4 FL OZ